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Pressure/Vacuum Vent

The VENT_12  sMart Vent protects IBCs against excessive pressure and vacuum. Theading into a standard 2" port, the design features a cast stainless guard 9with tamper-evident seal tabs) to protect the raincover against impact damage. Engineered for low maintenance and easy cleaning, this vent offers superior protection for metal IBCs.


50mm (2 inch) NPT sMart Vent vacuum/pressure relief. Stainless Steel construction with Teflon seals.


The dual-acting pallet of a VENT_15 relieves both pressure and vacuum, and sits securely within the vent body to avoid damage. Stainless steel construction and a choice of Teflon or Viton seals ensure compatibility with most cargo. The device stands just 1 7/8" high (or 1" above the threaded nipple), minimizing its exposure to collision.

Made of a heat-sensitive engineered polymer, the cap's fusible element and vacuum section ensure venting in case of fire. Provisions for tamper-evident sealing help safeguard cargo.

  VENT_15 75mm (3 inch) FLIP TOP 5 in 1, Fill Cap, Fusible, 5psi Pressure Relief, Rollover Protection, 0.5psi Vacuum Relief. Stainless steel construction with Teflon seals






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