Plastic IBCs and Bunds

IBC Products and IBC Containers

Tank Management provides a range of IBC containers and accessories (for example, camlock fittings, IBC adaptors, and IBC water tank taps) to farms, mines and refuelling sites.

What are IBC containers used for?

IBC containers are used to store and transport hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, fuel, fertilizers, and clean water. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials (stainless steel or plastic) and can be purchased as either new or reconditioned products.

We sell high quality and durable A grade, B grade, food grade, and SX UN DG IBC products. Along with our IBC bunds, camlock fittings, IBC water tank taps, and other accessories, you have everything you need to handle all types of bulk liquids.

Tank Management #1 Intermediate Bulk Container Supplier

Tank Management specialises in a range of IBC products and IBC tank accessories. We are 100% Australian owned and have built a solid reputation for the quality of our IBC containers within the industry. We provide an all-inclusive service by also offering IBC Cleaning Services and IBC Collections. If you want to know how to clean IBC containers – just give us a call!

Where to buy IBC containers

The Tank Management range of IBC containers and accessories includes the following:

IBC Adaptors: Ensures ease of use for off-loading IBC containers.

Plastic IBCs: Lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant.

Stainless Steel IBCs:  Ideal for flammable materials or if food grade IBCs are required.

IBC Bunds: These provide spill protection for IBC containers up to 1000L.

IBC tank accessories: Camlock fittings, IBC water tank taps, etc.

How do camlock fittings work?

Camlock fittings connect two pipes or hoses together and are used when transferring liquids from one IBC container to another. With no threads, they are ideal for dirty environments.

How big is an IBC container?

Our IBC containers can hold up to 1000L of hazardous or non-hazardous bulk liquids.

How to clean a plastic IBC container from chemicals

- Using our IBC Collection Service, customers can recycle their old IBCs back into the market for reuse.

- Using our IBC Cleaning Services, customers can have their IBCs cleaned and retested.

For more information on our IBC containers and IBC tank accessories, please call us on 1800 333 124 or send us an email today.

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