1325L Supertainer Side Drain Stainless Steel IBC


The USA manufactured Snyder Supertainer and Hoover Liquitote (now Snyder Liquitote) share the same design with all dimensions and spare parts fitting both Snyder and Hoover IBCs

  • 1325 litre Snyder Industries UN/Dangerous Goods Approved 304 Grade 10 Gauge Stainless Steel IBC
  • 22 inch manway cover with EPDM gasket, 3 inch male NPT threaded port and fusible cap
  • Fully purged robotic welds inside and out
  • 2 x 2 inch NPT ports in top
  • 2 inch NPT S/S ball outlet valve with shipping plug
  • Temperature rating for the tank is 205°C and the valve is rated to 146°C
  • Combination stacking pads/leg positioners/lifting lugs
  • 3 way fork entry
  • Optional vent/vacuum devices, camlock kits, gauges and other accessories available
  • Dimensions: 1220L x 1060W x 1290H x 215 kilos
  • Bulk orders available
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Heavy duty IBC & Stainless steel

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