1500L Pin Mount Spray Tank, Frame Additional


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Product Description

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  • UV stabilised, impact resistant polyethylene cartage tank with internal sump for complete drainage. No baffle.
  • SG 1.3 – Suitable for water, liquid fertilisers and other chemical products. (SG1.6 grade available for Molasses and other heavy liquids)
  • Smooth interior and integral sump enables complete evacuation and decontamination of tank making chemical changes easier
  • Manufactured from specially formulated polyethylene for transport and static applications.
  • Able to withstand the harsh Australian elements
  • Strength through ingenuity of design
  • Impervious to most chemicals
  • 455mm lid, rim and seal assembly
  • 455mm basket filter
  • Easy to read calibrations for measurement of contents
  • FREE 2" poly fitting supplied loose or fitted
  • Safe and secure mounting pin system
  • Spill containment lip surrounds the lid
  • Available with robust hot dip galvanised steel mounting frame for protection of tank and ease of installation
  • Dimensions: 1640L x 1320W x 1100H x 76 kilos


  • Steel frame to suit unit (please tick the checkbox underneath product options for this component)
  • Stainless Steel lid
  • Tank level kit
  • Funnel filling system
  • 38mm hydrant filler kit
  • 3" Brass tank outlet
  • Tank Colours: translucent yellow, translucent natural, translucent blue, translucent red, opaque heritage green and opaque rapid blue. (if water is being stored in tank Rapid Spray recommend using opaque to prevent algae growth.

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Warranty - 15 year tank warranty purchased from 2017!

Warranty Policies and Procedures

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NOTE: All tank and spray systems must have their warranty activated by returning warranty card located at the end of this document within 21 days of purchase by the end user.

The Warranty

The warranty on Active Liquid and Aqua-V tanks is for a period of 15 years from date of purchase and covers defect in materials, workmanship or manufacture. Any parts/products found by RAPID SPRAY to be defective, either in material or workmanship will be replaced or repaired within this period, at no cost to the initial purchaser subject to the following conditions:

• The tank has been operated in accordance with the enclosed instructions.
• Normal wear and tear is expressly excluded.
• The tank has not been subject to neglect, abuse or irrational use.
• Transport and consequential costs or losses are excluded.
• Item is still owned and operated by original purchaser.