About Tank Management Services

We are an industrial supply and intermediate bulk container (IBC) supply company, providing a dynamic range of products and services shipped throughout Australia. Founded in 1993, Tank Management is an Australian owned and operated company that has successfully serviced the industry and the public for more than 25 years.  

Our range of products includes new and reconditioned IBCs, diesel tank units, firefighter equipment, spray tanks, and pumps and trailers. We also have a wide range of top quality brands, for example, Rapid Spray, Trans Tank International, Aussie Pumps, Global Rotomoulding, Schutz IBCs, Mauser IBCs, GNX IBCs, Snyder Industries and Accumax Global. 

We are Dangerous Goods and EPA licensed and approved.

Agricultural spraying equipment

Our high-quality spray equipment includes spray tanks that can hold up to 13,000 litres of water, chemicals or fertilisers. These can be mounted on ATVs, trucks, tractors and Utes and come with our world-class pin-mounting system. Smaller spray equipment can be used for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and include handheld, trolley and backpack units. 

Transportable water tanks

Our transportable water tanks or IBCs can be used to store and transport hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, fertilisers, fuel and water. They are available in stainless steel or plastic and in a variety of sizes and grades (A grade, B grade, food-grade, and SX UN DG). 

IBC reconditioning

We provide a collection service for all used IBCs that are then cleaned, tested and returned to the market for reuse (IBC Cleaning and Testing Services). IBCs that cannot be reused are disposed of appropriately. We also provide a Dangerous Goods recertification service for plastic and steel IBCs. IBC reconditioning is a service that not only reduces your costs but also helps the planet.

IBC industrial supplies

Our range of IBC industrial supplies includes pressure cleaning and spill containment equipment, diesel refuelling pumps and tanks, firefighting equipment, pumps and trailers.

Pressure cleaning: We have pressure cleaners ranging from a 10-litre heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuum to a 5000psi 16LPM Bertoli Pump with a genuine Honda GX630 electric start engine, a 1500psi 12LPM slow speed steam cleaner and everything in between.

Spill containment: From drum bunds and IBC bunds, drum covers, shrouds and overpacks to IBC covers, trolleys and dollys, single and double IBC spill containment units and spill pallets. We have whatever you need to prevent and contain spills.

Diesel refuelling: From pumps and tanks to trailers, dispensers and accessories, we have everything you need for safe diesel refuelling onsite.

Firefighting: Our range includes backpacks, dust suppression systems, hose reels and water trailers, all designed specifically for fire-fighting purposes.

Pumps: Sprayer pumps, diesel pumps, AdBlue pumps, fire-fighting pumps, water transfer pumps, chemical sprayer pumps and pressure wash pumps. We have every type of pump you need regardless of the size of your property.

Trailers: We have a large range of trailers for a variety of needs, including fire-fighting, diesel refuelling, pressure washing and agricultural spraying, not forgetting our water trailers.

For more information on any of our products or services, contact Tank Management Services on 1800 333 124 or send us an email enquiry.