Chemical & Rinse Tanks

Reduce your chemical wastage and make your spraying job a lot easier with the Rapid Spray range of chemical tanks and rinse bin mixing tanks. Available in a number of sizes, our tanks are made with corrosion resistant material – that’s a breeze to clean – for use with a wide variety of chemical liquids in many different applications.

Durable, impact-resistant and made with quality materials and components, the Rapid Spray range of chemical and mixing tanks are perfect for pesticide or herbicide drum rinsing, as well as handling drum washings. All our tanks are fitted with standard rotating nozzles and one-inch ball valves, helping you get the job done in the quickest of times.

Safety and preserving the integrity of your liquids is a prime concern in the design of our chemical and mixing tanks. Each tank comes with a 455mm lid with breather – allowing the tank to vent without letting unwanted moisture accumulate inside. And all tanks are fitted with special safety valves.

Our tanks are built to last and to the highest possible standards, promising the user years and years of reliable service. Each tank clearly displays measurement markers to help you keep track of volume levels at all times and is lightweight enough to allow for easy transportation and storage.

With a whole range of optional, attachable features such as a Venturi, steel frame and other fittings, it’s easy to see why the Rapid Spray range of chemical and rinse bin mixing tanks are so popular. So make sure you get in touch with Rapid Spray today and talk to us about how our fantastic range of chemical and rinsing tanks can serve your needs.