Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

We are opened Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4pm and Friday 3.30pm. Please contact the team via phone 1800 333 124 or email to arrange collection/delivery prior to arriving on site.

What’s previously been in the reconditioned IBC tanks and are they safe for different uses?

A grade Dangerous Goods approved (DG) IBCs have contained a variety of chemical products. Once cleaned and leak tested these IBC containers are safe for packaging and shipping DG and NON-DG products. Flammable rated DG IBC also available.

Food grade IBC tanks have contained a variety of products including food, pharmaceutical, water treatment and other compatible chemical products. These IBCs are cleaned using only high-pressure hot water and steam. There are no harsh cleaning chemicals used in the process. Safe for potable water.

B grade IBCs have contained a variety of chemical and non-chemical products. Once cleaned these IBCs can be used for a wide variety of applications including NON-DG chemicals & non-potable water. These IBC containers are OK for animal use.

C grade IBCs have contained a wide variety of products including chemicals. Whilst we rinse these IBCs we cannot remove all of the previous product and may have material stuck to the sides or bottom. These IBC tanks are ideal for waste liquid applications, drilling mud and storage bins.

My current IBC collection service only takes one brand of IBC tank. Do you take all brands of IBCs when making collections?

We take all brands and arrange all the freight. See more about IBC Collection Services here.

Where do you ship to?

For all items other than IBCs we offer either free or subsidised delivery options throughout all of Australia.

Full truckload IBC tank deliveries and collections we run semi and B-Doubles throughout NSW, QLD, VIC, SA & WA.

For smaller IBC tank deliveries freight can be arranged on a case by case basis. Some areas and quantities may not be covered. Contact the team for further information.

I have a warranty issue, what now?

Try and establish what you believe the problem is if possible, take photos that can be emailed or texted to us for evaluation. Contact the team via phone or email for assistance, depending on the issue we will arrange replacement parts, service or a whole new unit.

Honda issues would be required to be checked by a Honda authorized dealer. Rapid Spray, Trans Tank International, Aussie Pumps and Tank Management are not Honda dealers and we cannot make calls on Honda motor issues the motor has to be assessed by a Honda motor dealer. We can inform you of the closest dealer and help get the motor to the dealer if required

My product is out of warranty and I need assistance

That’s no problem. We’ll help investigate the issue and offer you the best course of action to get you up and running again.