Fire Fighting Pumps

When you’re at battle with a wildfire, you don’t want to be worried about the state of your equipment. You need the utmost in reliability and workmanship, to protect your property, business, or home.

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We provide a variety of fire fighting pumps that are practical, powerful and durable. . Find the best selection of Honda fire fighting pumps. We have 1” and 2” Aussie FireChief pumps fit for any scenario, powered by Honda and Yanmar motors, with both pull starts and electric starts to choose from.

Our fire fighting pumps set a standard for quality and reliability, and won’t let you down when you need them to operate. Tough, yet portable and functional, they are the ideal tool to fight the flames with, no matter the conditions they are facing.

How to Set up a Fire Fighting Pump?

  1. Check the oil level of the engine.
  2. Check the coolant level if the engine is liquid-cooled.
  3. Check the gaskets inside the suction hose.
  4. Tighten the suction hose to the intake side of the pump. Make sure the suction hose is tightened properly with a spanner wrench.
  5. If multiple suction hoses are in use, make sure they are tightened properly together.
  6. Close the drain valve and all the discharge valves.
  7. Open the turn ball valve on the priming piping.
  8. Start the engine.
  9. Increase the throttle.
  10. Close firmly the flap on the exhaust.
  11. When you have steam at the outlet of the venturi, slowly open a discharge valve.
  12. When you have pressure at the discharge, close the priming valve and open the exhaust slab.
  13. After 30 seconds, the pump should be priming.
  14. Do not run the primer for more than two minutes.
  15. Do not run the primer dry for more than five minutes.
  16. After finishing with the fire fighting pump, reduce the throttle, stop the engine and open the drain valve and all the discharge valves.
  17. To store the pump, make sure the pump is drained and keep all the valves, drains, and discharges half-open.

At Tank Management Services, we refuse to be beaten on quality and price. So if you get a lower quote on any fire fighting water pump that is available on our website, we promise to beat it!

Just send us the official quote and our friendly customer service team can help you. Shop now and experience what makes us the trusted seller and favourite amongst firemen across Australia.

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Fire Fighting Pumps
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