IBC Collection

We offer collection services for all brands of empty IBCs including SCHUTZ IBCs. IBC quality, quantity and location are factors that determine whether a free collection service or a paid disposal service. For more information on the type of collection you may have simply read our Terms & Conditions for Collection located further down this page. If you are unsure and need assistance please contact the team for further advice.

Once received the IBCs are cleaned, tested and supplied back into the market for reuse. IBCs that cannot be reused are broken down into their respective recycling streams or disposed of appropriately.

Our national logistics network is extensive and collections can be arranged from most locations including mine sites and rural areas.

Contact us today on 1800 333 124 for further information or alternatively download our collection ticket or fill out below.

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Containers for collection

By placing a collection order you accept the following terms and conditions:
  1. All IBCs are in reusable condition with previous products able to be cleaned out completely.
  2. All IBCs containing herbicides, pesticides or any other toxic residues must be rinsed and properly drained to completely empty with lids and caps
    firmly fitted prior to shipping. IBCs that do not comply will be rejected at your cost, with no exceptions.
  3. All IBCs are intact with original fittings including Top Lid, Discharge Valve, & Cap with all accessories in working order.
  4. All IBCs are free of damage, corrosion and deformation to the inner container, cage and pallet.
  5. All IBCs are drained and empty. Any residue over 1L per IBC may attract a waste charge.
  6. All IBCs are free of outside residue or contamination.
  7. Last filled goods must be specified on the IBC with corresponding labels, hazardous goods symbols, etc.
  8. MSDS to be supplied for all Dangerous Goods classed IBCs.
  9. Collection is for a minimum of 10 IBCs that meet the above criteria. ** Minimum quantity (MQ) may be more or less than 10 depending on location.
  10. Due to the non-fulfillment of the above conditions, Tank Management Australia reserves the right to refuse collection or return the IBCs at
    the cost of the sender. Reimbursement will be charged to the sender for the expenditure incurred including transport, cleaning and
    disposal of the non compliant IBCs.