Diesel Accessories

Do you want to stay on top of your inventory? Ensuring you’re not left without the right part when you need it most? Rapid Spray has a great range of Diesel refueling accessories available in our online store. Whether you are after electronic flow meters, steel frames, cartridge filters and more, we have it. By shopping from our online store, you’ll avoid paying retail costs and simply get the products you pay for. In our broad selection, from flow meters to cartridge filters, each product is made from the highest quality, durable materials. You’ll save money on both your purchase and long term. Browse the full range of steel frames and other diesel refueling accessories today!

Buying diesel refueling accessories online is the most convenient way to keep your inventory up to date. We can deliver your flow meters, steel frames and cartridge filters straight to your address, site or depot. When you order a product from our online store, we’ll send you your product from the nearest manufacturing facility, saving you time and money. For the best steel frames, cartridge filters and other diesel refueling accessories, order from Rapid Spray today!

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Diesel Accessories
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  1. 3/4" Manual Shut Off Diesel Handgun
    $133.00 $120.91
  2. 1" Auto Shut Off Diesel Handgun
    $263.00 $239.09
  3. 5 Digit Electronic Flow Meter 00000L
    $374.00 $340.00
  4. 4 Digit Mechanical Flow Meter 000.0L
    $398.00 $361.82
  5. 250mm Diesel Lid Ribbed Gasket
    $43.00 $39.09
  6. 450mm Diesel Lid Ribbed Gasket
    $81.00 $73.64
  7. 250mm Diesel Lid Complete
    $437.00 $397.27
  8. 450mm Diesel Lid Complete
    $509.00 $462.73
  9. ADC30M25C
    $134.00 $121.82
  10. Diesel Filter Holder Only
    $46.00 $41.82
  11. Diesel Hose, 4M x 20mm, DieselFlo
    $138.00 $125.45
  12. Diesel hose, 6M x 20mm, FLUID
    $218.00 $198.18
  13. Diesel hose, 6M x 25mm, FLUID
    $339.00 $308.18
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Items 1-18 of 36

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