Spill Containment

Drum bunds and IBC bunds are among the simplest, and most reliable, methods of preventing accidental spills at your workplace. A large majority of spills occur right at the point of pouring, as a result of shaky hands or haste, and a bund will prevent these liquids from escaping on the floor or soaking in to the ground.

At Tank Management Services, we stock a huge variety of spill-prevention equipment, to ensure that you are not putting yourself, your staff, or your environment at risk. With the recent trend towards stiff fines for polluters, protecting yourself and your firm must be a priority, and these bunds provide an easy method of catching any wayward chemicals, oils, solvents, or fuels.

We stock bunds for intermediate bulk containers and drums, along with a large variety of additional spill prevention devices, such as drum covers, shrouds and overpacks, to bunded storage shelving. Shipped Australia-wide, we can help you to spend more time on task, and less time cleaning up.

Browse our huge selection of drum bunds and IBC bunds today, or contact Tank Management Services to learn more.