Diesel Refuelling

Tank Management provides a range of diesel tanks and pumps, trailers, Adblue dispensers, accessories and other refuelling solutions to a range of industries, including farms and mine sites. Built to handle hazardous bulk liquids, our Aussie-made diesel transfer pumps and tanks are designed to withstand our harsh environment, from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures.

Diesel Refuelling solutions

Our range of diesel pumps and diesel tanks provide refuelling solutions for just about every possible application. They are lightweight, strong and durable, and can be used as stationary storage or fitted to the back of a ute or truck. Available in a range of sizes (with or without locks) with an auto-shutoff nozzle and earth strap, our diesel pumps and diesel transfer pumps have a reputation for durability and ease of use within the industry.

What is a diesel pump diesel tank?

Built to exacting Aussie standards, our large range of diesel pumps, tanks, and accessories prevent both fuel contamination and theft. Check out our range below.-

  • Diesel Pumps: Including both a 12-volt diesel transfer pump and a small diesel transfer pump, our diesel pumps are made from high-quality non-corrosive materials that are designed to prevent spillage, wastage, and kinks or tangles in the lines. With a fast flow rate, you can safely transfer, transport and store diesel fuel safely and easily.
  • Diesel Tanks: Our diesel tanks are made from approved diesel-grade polyethylene that is strong and resistant, won t warp, crack or leak in extreme temperatures, and contain spill-proof locks. Can you put Adblue in a diesel tank? Yes, our diesel tanks can safely store Adblue fuel.
  • Diesel Trailers: Safely transport diesel fuel over short or long distances with our Aussie made galvanised steel, high-spec diesel trailers. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.
  • Adblue dispensers: Our compact dispensers are made from quality polyethylene, polypropylene, and stainless steel. They are spill-proof and come with lockable lids, auto-shutoff valves and Adblue pumps.
  • Diesel Accessories: We have a large range of accessories suitable for all your refuelling solutions, including electronic flow meters, steel frames, cartridge filters and much more.

For more information on our diesel pumps, diesel tanks, and other refuelling solutions, please call us on 1800 333 124 or send us an email today.

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  1. 1" Auto Shut Off Diesel Handgun
    $263.00 $239.09
  2. TADPX040V1K
    $625.00 $568.18
  3. TADPX040V1P
    $387.00 $351.82
  4. Hot dipped galvanised steel frame
    $606.00 $550.91
  5. Hot dipped galvanised steel frame
    $568.00 $516.36
  6. Hot dipped galvanised steel frame
    $864.00 $785.45
  7. Hot dipped galvanised steel frame
    $877.00 $797.27
  8. Hot dipped galvanised steel frame
    $913.00 $830.00
  9. Hot dipped galvanised steel frame
    $1,185.00 $1,077.27
  10. 250mm Diesel Lid Complete
    $437.00 $397.27
  11. 450mm Diesel Lid Complete
    $509.00 $462.73
  12. 450mm Diesel Lid Ribbed Gasket
    $81.00 $73.64
  13. 250mm Diesel Lid Ribbed Gasket
    $43.00 $39.09
  14. 35lpm 12V SVELTO DEF Poly Pump Kit - Manual
    $1,444.00 $1,312.73
  15. GENiUS, 200L High, 40lpm, 12V
    $1,437.00 $1,306.36
  16. Diesel Hose, 4M x 20mm, DieselFlo
    $138.00 $125.45
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Items 1-18 of 120

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