IBC Bunds

What is an IBC Bund?

An IBC Bund, also known as an IBC container bund, spill or bunded pallet is one of the best solutions to prevent oil spills, drips or leaks, as well as spills from toxic, flammable or hazardous liquids that are stored in bulk above ground. These bunded pallets are used the world over by industrial farmers, mine operators, refueling suppliers and other industries that need to store bulk supplies of chemicals on site.

Tank Management bunded pallets

Available in single or double units, our bunded pallets are constructed from polyethylene with galvanised steel cages for additional support. In single or double units and with or without a hard top cover, front and back roller doors and a keyed lock, our IBC container bunds are strong, durable and safe. With moulded forklift pockets that are accessible from both sides, storing these pallets is fast and efficient.

Each 1000L IBC bund contains 110% of a 1000L spill, ensuring that your property and the environment are kept perfectly safe. You can also purchase PVC covers to suit single or double units that give additional protection from the weather, as well as a dispersing tray for additional spill containment when dispensing the bulk liquids.

Also, if you are storing hazardous liquids in tight spaces that are in different DGR classes, our IBC shrouds allow them to be stored safely next to one another. You can also purchase an IBC Site Storage Kit specifically designed to deal with on-site spills safely.

If you have always wondered how to prevent oil spills from happening on your site, the solution is an IBC bund.

Benefits of IBC container bunds

IBC bunds are one of the most effective solutions to prevent oil spills and other hazardous bulk liquids and solvents from polluting the environment. They are heavy duty containers that are corrosion resistant, stackable, durable and long lasting. If you want to avoid the high costs involved in cleaning up toxic spills and the fines associated with environmental pollution, our IBC container bunds are the ideal solution.

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