22L Firefighting Backpack


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Product Description

The most comfortable fire fighting backpack in the market

  • 22 litres fire fighting backpack - black and yellow design
  • 12M reach full jet stream or 3M reach mist/fog
  • Maximum shot volume: 125cm
  • Double action low maintenance nozzle - made of noble metals like brass allows throwing water in both operational directions
  • Anti-strangulation hose and the rest of the components are adapted to the use of foam foaming agents and retardants
  • Hose with swivel coupling that does not break or collapses
  • 10.5cm filling opening and filter with handle to keep it in a horizontal position while filling it - easy filling of the bag
  • Designed with an ergonomic concept that allows you to perform during long working days and to walk big distances effortlessly
  • Water backpack consists of a resistant waterproof inner bag made of polyester coated on both sides with PVC
  • Outer backpack made of high-tenacity water-repellent polyester fabric that works as a containing structure
  • Easy to adjust padded harness which perfectly distributes the weight, together with the fastening straps for communication equipment
  • Snap hooks to hang the nozzle and allow free movement of the hands enabling the user's full mobility to climb, jump and walk in any topography
  • Dimensions: 650mm x 470mm x 2.3 kilos (dry weight)