195mm Ball Baffle System (Box 44) T ARB195B - Tank Management

195mm Ball Baffle System (Box 44)

355mm Ball Baffle System (Box 25)

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  • Reduces fluid movement for improved load stability during transit - gives you the experience of travelling with a fixed load as it dramatically reduces the 'slosh & surge' that you'd feel without Ball Baffles
  • Made in Australia
  • Save money by reducing mechanical wear and tear
  • Suitable for use with all tanks - steel, poly, fibreglass, aluminium etc.
  • Food grade quality material - suitable for potable water
  • Can be used with water, diesel and other liquids.
  • No rust, lightweight and durable
  • Low liquid displacement 
  • Simple to install
  • Displaces 428 millilitres and weighs only 386g
  • Recommended use quantity: 355mm is 1 ball baffle per 40 litres of tank capacity
Size of tank?Ball Baffles required
800 litres20
1000 litres25
1200 litres30
1500 litres37
2000 litres50
2400 litres60
2500 litres62
3000 litres75
3400 litres85
4000 litres100
4400 litres110
4800 litres120
5000 litres125
6000 litres150
7000 litres175
8000 litres200
9000 litres225
10000 litres250
13000 litres325
15000 litres375
17000 litres425

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Ordering and shipping is easy! Australia wide supply direct from the manufacturing facility closest to you. For all orders we can arrange delivery to your address with unloading facilities (for heavier items). For remote areas we deliver to a depot closest to you or a depot of your choice.

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