370mm Liquid Locker Baffling System


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Product Description

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  • Reduces fluid movement for improved load stability during transit - gives you the experience of travelling with a fixed load as it dramatically reduces the 'slosh & surge' that you'd feel without Ball Baffles
  • Made in Australia
  • Save money by reducing mechanical wear and tear
  • Suitable for use with all tanks - steel, poly, fibreglass, aluminium etc.
  • Food grade quality material - suitable for potable water
  • Can be used with water, diesel and other liquids.
  • No rust, lightweight and durable
  • Low liquid displacement 
  • Simple to install
  • Displaces 428 millilitres and weighs only 450g
  • Recommended use quantity: 355mm is 1 ball baffle per 33 litres of tank capacity