600L Active Diesel Free Standing Tank, 45lpm Pump

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Rapid spray
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Product Description

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  • Manufactured from UV stabilised, lightweight diesel grade polyethylene (coloured grey to denote diesel only)
  • 6 metres of 3/4" flexible suction hose
  • 3/4" auto shut off nozzle prevents fuel wastage
  • Upgrade to a 60lpm FLUID 12/24V or 80lpm SVELTO 12/24V - 2 year warranty (standard with 1" auto shut off nozzle & delivery hose)
  • Upgrade to a 60lpm FLUID in 12 or 24V - 2 year warranty
  • 4 metres of battery cable
  • Multi-function 'no spills fill' tank lid system
  • Splash resistant breather system specifically designed for diesel transport
  • Pad-lockable filler cap with strainer & anti-loss chain
  • Spill containment lip
  • Removable plate allows access to tank
  • Earth strap to prevent static build up
  • 2" suction tube access
  • 'Surefit' pin mount system - FREE mounting pins for secure mounting to any flat surface
  • 3/4" drain bung
  • OPTIONAL: Ball Baffles to increase stability and reduce liquid surge
  • OPTIONAL: Steel frame for lift on, lift off convenience
  • OPTIONAL: Choose from Rapid Sprays range of 12, 24, or 240V pumps from 40, 60 or 80lpm flow rates.
  • OPTIONAL: Electronic or mechanical flow meter available.
  • Dimensions: 1190L x 1050W x 955H x 47 kilos
  • Plus many more options. Contact us today with your custom requirements on 1800 333 124