Adblue Dispensers

Available in a number of sizes and made with urea grade polyethylene and stainless steel, our range of Adblue dispenser units are built to stand the test of time. Assembled with quality parts and with the end user in mind, Rapid Spray delivers fantastic Adblue dispensing solutions that make the transfer and dispensing of Adblue a breeze.

The use of Adblue in Australia and around the world is gaining in popularity as more and more people see the benefits of this environmentally friendly fluid. However, it’s important to note that Adblue needs to be stored and handled with specialised equipment in order to prevent contamination.

Rapid Spray produces a number of Adblue dispenser units that are guaranteed to preserve the integrity of your Adblue and to deliver a speedy fuel transfer time. Our dispensing units are built in a way that prevents your Adblue from becoming contaminated and contain everything you need to effectively transfer Adblue to your truck, tractor or other utility vehicle with ease.

Robust and yet lightweight, our dispenser units are functional and attractively priced – exactly what you want in an Adblue dispensing unit. Whether needed on the farm or at the depot, our dispensing solutions can help you manage and use your Adblue supplies all year long and for years to come. Most of our units feature stainless steel auto shut off nozzles (perfect for controlling the flow of fluid and limiting spillage) and all come with high performing, quality Adblue pumps.

Powering your dispenser unit is made easy – and mobile – with included battery cables and the included delivery hose allows you to transfer your Adblue anytime, anywhere. Indeed, no matter where you are, or what you need to fill, our range of solutions will help you with all your Adblue needs. Selecting the right Adblue dispenser unit is made easy thanks to Rapid Spray and there really is no need to look elsewhere.