Diesel Refuelling

Diesel fuel tanks in Australia must cope with some of the toughest conditions on the planet. From intense heat, to scorching sun and humidity, there are no shortage of difficulties to fuel storage here. Built to withstand everything from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures, Rapid Spray’s lineup of Australian-made diesel storage tanks provides a storage solution for any imaginable application.

Lightweight and strong, our tanks can be applied to stationary storage, or fitted to the back of your ute or truck. Offered in both free-standing or lockable models, they are a model of safety-conscious design, featuring auto-shutoff nozzles and an included earth strap, preventing fuel wastage or any build-up of static.

Our diesel tanks guard against both contamination as well as theft, via our unique inbuilt lockable pump compartment. A secondary option, a padlock filler cap, is another option to ensure the security of your fuel. The diesel-grade polyethylene won’t compromise the quality of your fuel, and they can be fitted easily with different pump options and attachable extras.

With an eye to the demanding user expecting a premium product, Rapid Spray by Tank Management Services offers diesel fuel tanks built to exceed your expectations, and serve you for the long term. Contact us to find out more!