Dangerous Goods IBC Recertification

IBC approval

IBCs must be approved by a Competent Authority and built in accordance with the ADG.

Maintenance checks

Tanks should have a maintenance plate affixed displaying the dates of:

    • maintenance checks (every two and a half years)
    • pressure tests (in accordance with the design approval conditions).

    Note: AS 2809 requires pressure tests at intervals no longer than five years.

IBC maintenance checks

The ADG details the maintenance checks that should be followed for IBCs.

Record the results of initial and periodic testing of IBCs in test reports, which are kept by the owner of the IBC until at least the date of the next inspection.

    • Plastic IBCs must be inspected and tested in accordance with the ADG’s requirements. For most dangerous goods, plastic IBCs and composite IBCs with plastic inners are tested every 2.5 years and may not be used beyond five years from the date of manufacture of the plastic component, with the exception of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, which must not be used beyond two years.
    • Stainless steel IBCs must be inspected and tested in accordance with the ADG’s requirements every 2.5 years and have no mandated end of life cut off such as what applies to plastic IBCs.

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