Pack Of 10 Wide Range 110° Nozzles


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Pack Of 10 Green Wide Range 110° .015
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Pack Of 10 Yellow Wide Range 110° .02
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Pack Of 10 Blue Wide Range 110° .03
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Pack Of 10 Red Wide Range 110° .04
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Product Description

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    The Wide Range nozzle provides the benefits of a 110° full spray angle across a wide range of pressures from 1-4 bar. At these pressures it maintains a full spray angle and therefore gives full coverage, unlike its traditional counterparts which produce a reducing spray angle and therefore reduced coverage at lowering pressures. Using this wide range nozzle ensures excellent distribution across the entire spray boom.

    The wide range nozzle produces a triangular spray distribution, similar to the Standard fan. This nozzle is ideally suited to machines using automatic rate controllers since the spray angle will always be maintained as the flow rate is adjusted up and down.

    • Wide pressure range 1-4bar (15-60psi)
    • Full coverage maintened over a wide pressure range
    • Ideal for use with machines using automatic application rate controllers
    • Choice of droplet size depending on the pressure selected
    • Precision moulded with a polyaetal outer body and a ceramic insert for excellent wear
    • Colour coded (in accordance with ISO10625) for quick identification of flow rate


    • The wide range nozzle is well suited to applying herbicides, insecticidesm fungicides, growth regulator and liquid fertilisers