IBC Cleaning Services

1. Laundering

Our facility contains an automated plant specifically engineered to fully launder IBC's ranging in size from 300 litres to 2000 litres. The laundering process is comprehensive and is designed around best practice methods. All IBC's are internally and externally washed, rinsed and leak tested. TMS IBC's are thoroughly dried internally protecting the integrity of future contents. Cages and pallets are inspected and repaired. Caps and seals are removed, cleaned, inspected and refitted.

2. Repairs

We repair galvanised steel, carbon steel and stainless steel IBC's.

3. Fleet Maintenance

TMS currently manage the cleaning and servicing of a variety of customer owned IBC fleets. We can tailor a service package to meet the cleaning, maintenance and regulatory requirements of a busy IBC fleet.

4. Freight

Local and interstate delivery service available.


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