Poly IBC Bund, Hard Top Cover And Roller Doors


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Product Description


  • Polyethylene construction with primed steel stiffeners
  • 1150L sump
  • Hard top cover with rollerdoors allows access to the bund from both sides - lockable to prevent unauthorised access
  • Covered IBC bund features moulded forklift pockets allow forklift access from two sides.
  • Hard top cover protects stored containers from UV degredation.
  • Hard top cover prevents dirt, rain water and debris from contaminating drums or IBC container
  • Unique moulded supports allow direct storage of IBCs as well as 205 litre drums (on a wooden pallet - not supplied) onto the bund.
  • Spill pallet includes 40mm drain plugs at each end of the bund allow for easy decanting of spilt liquids.
  • Spill collection bund can contain 110% of a 1000 litre IBC and prevent spilt liquids from contaminating factory floors, inventory or stormwater drains.
  • Spill pallets reduce clean-up costs by providing easily retrievable spills.
  • Moulded tie down points are located on each side of the hard top cover – ideal for use in high wind areas.
  • Dimensions: 1870L x 1600W x 2500H x 203 kilos


  • Replacement filter bags can be ordered individually
  • Bund discharge filters - allows oil & fuel capture when draining rainwater from the bund. Filter is packed with super absorbent hydrophobic (water-repelling) polypropylene for 30L of absorbency. Filter fitted with an internal flow distributor and quick release camlock adaptor.
  • Stainless steel stiffeners - Best used when storing liquids that are highly corrosive or have corrosive vapours