Disinfectant Sprayers

Tank Management provides a large range of disinfectant sprayers for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Keeping residential homes, commercial properties, offices, industrial areas, warehouses, factories, and public spaces clean and healthy is always a priority. The recent COVID-19 pandemic, however, has reinforced the importance of regularly using a disinfectant spray to eliminate germs from surface areas.

Whether you select a residential, commercial, or industrial disinfectant spray, you can be sure that Tank Managements sprayers are high quality, tough, and made to last.

What is a disinfectant spray?

A disinfectant spray is a chemical solution that is applied to inert surfaces and designed to kill or inactivate microorganisms. The pump unit that delivers the disinfectant spray can be mounted on spray trailers such as an ATV, large mowers, Ute tray, or its own custom-designed trailer. Delivery volumes for the disinfectant sprayers range from 55L to 1000L and power from 12V sprayers to a Honda GX35 4 stroke motor or a Honda GX200 6HP motor for the largest units. You can check out our vast variety of sprayers.

Designed to suit Australia's harsh outdoor environment, the poly tanks of each disinfectant spray pump are UV stabilised for longer durability, and the specialised manufacturing process maximises strength whilst minimising weight. Our tanks are extremely versatile and can be used for spraying a range of disinfectants in and around buildings, as well as lawns and agricultural land.

The smallest disinfectant spray pump has a volume of 55L and comes with a professional spray gun. A variety of different size booms can also be purchased to extend the range of the disinfectant spray, as well as automate the process. The next largest size is 95L, then 200L, 220L, 300L, 400L. 500L, 600L, 800L and 1000L.

The 55L, 95L, 200L and 400L models are available with their own trailers, either a powder-coated chassis for the smaller models or a hot-dip galvanised steel chassis for the larger models. Smaller models are suitable for lawn spraying, whilst larger models are better for more extensive field spraying. Our largest 1000L industrial disinfectant spray has an amazing array of options and upgrades, so you can customise it to your exact needs. All sprayers, however, have options for different types of booms and nozzles, upgraded motors, and so on. All tanks are designed to be cleaned easily and spare parts are available from Tank Management.

Best industrial disinfectant sprayers

Industrial disinfectant sprayers are generally required to hold large volumes of disinfectant and to operate for long periods of time covering large areas. This means that the best disinfectant sprayers for industrial plants are the large volume motorised pump sprayers with additional booms to automate the process and include the crop or field sprayers.

We also have industrial disinfectant sprayers that are designed to be loaded onto ATVs and other models that are better loaded onto trailers or Ute trays. You also have the option of models with their own steel trailers and all-terrain tyres.

Best disinfectant spray for home

The best disinfectant spray for homeowners is probably a small-volume model, and these disinfectant sprayers come with options for either a boom or spray gun. Some models have their own small powder-coated trailer, and these might also be a good option for residential owners.

With such a large range of pump sprayers, Tank Management has a disinfectant spray to suit your needs. For more information on our disinfectant spray pump solutions, please call us on 1800 333 124 or send us an email today.

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Disinfectant Sprayers
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  1. 55L 12V Pump WeedControl Sprayer
    $335.00 $304.55
  2. 55L 12V Pump WeedControl Sprayer

    From $499.00 $453.64

    To $900.00 $818.18

  3. 55L 12V Pump WeedControl Zero Turn Sprayer

    From $499.00 $453.64

    To $900.00 $818.18

  4. 57L RapidLine Spot Sprayer

    From $279.00 $253.64

    To $1,135.00 $1,031.82

  5. 57L RapidFlo Spot Sprayer

    As low as $644.00 $585.45

  6. 57L RapidMix Clean Tank Trailer Sprayer

    From $1,328.00 $1,207.27

    To $1,658.00 $1,507.27

  7. 57L RapidMix Clean Tank Sprayer

    From $819.00 $744.55

    To $1,728.00 $1,570.91

  8. 95L 12V Pump WeedControl Sprayer

    From $599.00 $544.55

    To $981.00 $891.82

  9. 95L 12V Pump WeedControl Zero Turn Sprayer

    From $599.00 $544.55

    To $981.00 $891.82

  10. 95L RapidLine Spot Sprayer

    From $449.00 $408.18

    To $1,305.00 $1,186.36

  11. 95L RapidFlow Spot Sprayer

    From $688.00 $625.45

    To $1,544.00 $1,403.64

  12. 95L RapidMix Clean Tank Sprayer

    From $902.00 $820.00

    To $1,824.00 $1,658.18

  13. 95L RapidMix Clean Tank Trailer Sprayer

    From $1,405.00 $1,277.27

    To $1,748.00 $1,589.09

  14. 200L Strike 12V Spot Sprayer

    From $1,380.00 $1,254.55

    To $2,788.00 $2,534.55

  15. 200L SpotPro Deluxe Field Sprayers
    $2,931.00 $2,664.55
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