Dust Suppression Systems

Available in a number of tank sizes and useable with petrol and diesel driven pumps, our range of Australian-made dust suppression units are highly functional, customisable and built to last. Ridding your working environment of dust and creating a cleaner and hazard-free environment for you and your staff has never been this easy.

Save time and labour with Rapid Spray’s selection of top-quality dust suppression units. Skid mountable and constructed using the highest quality polyethylene and galvanised pipework, our robust, mobile units will make light work of cleaning your work space. Highly adaptable to many working environments and able to arrest even the finest dust particles before they become airborne, our dust suppression units are effective dust fighting machines.

With customisable flow rates and fully adjustable centre and side sprays, our dust suppression units can also help you save water and limit your impact on the environment by lowering your consumption of this vital natural resource. Apart from dust suppression, our units are also suitable for watering around your farm or property, defending against spot fires and provide an effective and efficient means of general cleaning. Some models are also suited for chemical spraying applications, such as applying fertiliser on crops and plants.

They are fillable in a number of different ways (including from overhead standpipes, main hydrants, dams and pools) and come included with all necessary hose parts and equipment. All that’s left for you to do is hop onboard your vehicle and get to it.

Built to the highest specifications and standards, there really is no other alternative to Rapid Spray when it comes to top-notch, effective dust suppression systems. Take advantage of our cost-effective dust suppression solutions today and create a dust-free working environment for you and your staff.