Fire Fighting Kits

Do you want the peace of mind knowing your home, property or business will be safe in case of fire. The right fire fighting kits are essential to prevent against disaster. Ensuring you have water pressure means having the right equipment on hand when you need it most. Rapid spray has great collection of reliable, effective and trustworthy fire fighting kits. Brought to you from top name brands, every product on our line will perform when the time comes. Our fire fighting kids are made to the highest degree of quality, to fit and exceed the rigorous Australian standards. For real peace of mind, buy one of our Fire Fighting kits today!

When protecting your personnel and property from fire. It’s essential to have reliable apparatus to keep you, your property and those around you safe. Rapid Spray brings you a number of high quality, durable mechanisms that will perform when needed. Made to fit the legal and regulatory standards, our fire fighting kits are essential. For top quality fire fighting kits at the best prices. Search the full range today!